Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why I love websites like ED

Encyclopedia Dramatica is one of my favorite websites. Yeah, it's offensive, perverse, filled with a lot of exaggerations and hyperbole, and did I mention offensive?

I have Aspergers, yet I found myself laughing my ass off at their article on autism because it does a great job mocking the hell out of everyone who tries to use autism as a crutch or an excuse for their behavior. I also found myself laughing at their articles on tropers, which I found hilariously spot on. Hell, like Something Awful, they also accused us at All The Tropes of being porn/pedophilia havens, an insult I'm so used to these days it's practically passe.

I'm also greatly amused at all the idiots and retards that try to vandalize ED. All ED does is laugh at information already available to the public, so when someone gets pissed over having their publicly available actions given a savage mocking and tries to remove it, I just laugh louder because it just goes to show that somebody struck a nerve.

I do have to admit I don't find everything there funny. Some of the articles there do come off as offensive to me, some greatly so, but I'd rather let people say whatever they want to say as opposed to being mad about it because everyone is entitled to their opinions, and trying to silence offensive speech strikes me as a greater evil than letting it go.

In conclusion, the internet really doesn't need to be taken so seriously, and I laugh at ED because it's a great reminder why.

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  1. I enjoy it and the forum. Even though the later doesn't really work all that much anymore.