Monday, June 16, 2014

Shitposters piss me off

As the title might inform you, this is going to be an angry post, just trying to give everyone fair warning.

Anyway, I hate shitposting, and by that, I mean in the "what the hell is this nonsense?" kind of shitposting sense, though I can laugh at the types who are really good at this on forums, where it can usually be entertaining in limited doses.

However, I run a wiki, and thus I have zero tolerance for that, and I consider it the most ridiculous idiocy you can ever do on a community project. Shitposting in a wiki sense means posting inane BS that has nothing to do with the wiki subject at hand. In fact, it's very similar to spam, except in the case of spammers (whose graves I consider worthy of pissing on), those assholes are deliberately trying to pimp their worthless sites by Google Bombing their BS wherever they can find a place with an editing function.

Shitposters tend to be less deliberately malicious, and some even do so out of utter ignorance, but the following are the types of shitposting you will find on wikis:

1. Treating the wiki like a scratchpad - This is where they shit out whatever they are thinking about at the moment or trying to fieldtest their ideas somewhere, and this is typically "out of project scope" nonsense the wiki does not care for, and is thus deleted for wasting everyone's time.

Memo to these types of shitposters: MediaWiki is free software you can run with XAMPP off a USB stick. Use your own personal wiki to daydream on instead of posting your mongoloid drivel where it's not appreciated.

2. Trying to pimp their inane ideas - These shitposters are slightly more directed in their goals than the first type. For instance, let's say some idiot has a story idea he hasn't finished but wants to drum up interest in it, but instead of going on a writing forum like a smart person and starting a discussion in the appropriate fora, these dipshits think it's good idea to whore their unfinished work around as if it's legitimately available to the public at large like some sort of half assed PR campaign for a politician who has yet to announce his candidacy.

This can be on topic for a wiki, and TV Tropes (where my wiki forked from) even has a massive landfill for this retarded faggotry called "Unpublished Works" (we tell users to keep this in their userspace, as we thought TVT was stupid to have this idiocy), where every wannabe fanfic writer too lazy or stupid to hew their headcanon into published material craps out a half liquified turd of ideas they'll never finish to grow fetid and rank in the sun.

Wikia even allows these assholes to make entire wikis for shitting out this faggotry, called "fanon wikis", mostly because you can have a wiki for anything that doesn't violate their ToU.

Memo to these asspirates: Follow the instructions I gave to the first group or find a wiki farm that will let you spew your BS without pissing off people who don't care about your retarded dribblings.

....okay, rant over, but in all seriousness, the less shitposters on this planet, the better off the entire human race will be.

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