Sunday, June 22, 2014

Message to Nate Spidgewood: Grow up and get a life.

I occasionally visit TV Tropes, mostly because I like to to take notes on what they do poorly so I can do better, and sometimes, I occasionally see Nate Spidgewood (ED article, NSFW) being a vandalizing jackass.

For those who don't know, that ED article I linked to will fill in most of the blanks, but my personal experience with this idiot has been one of constant butthurt from him over how TV Tropes has become a sterile Wikipedia clone, and while I don't entirely disagree, his biggest bitchfest seems to be over the idea of "namespaces"

In PmWiki (what TV Tropes uses), they have main namespace (Main/Pagename, for example), a namespace for site specific stuff (Site/Pagename), and you can make as many other namespaces as you want to keep things separate.

Part of the reason TV Tropes does this is because their incredibly customized fork of PmWiki is so different from the official distribution they cannot take advantage of the fact you can have custom titles without retarded hacks in the official version, and because they found it was easier to separate works and other sections of the site by namespace, and while I use the latest MediaWiki, which has no reason to use this sort of system (it has custom titling support built in and it's namespaces work much differently to the point you could put almost everything in the main namespace that is related to content if you want to), I understand why TV Tropes is forced to use the system they have in place to keep track of stuff.

Unfortunately, our friend Nate is an imbecile that doesn't realize that (A) they aren't going to change their minds about organizing stuff and (B) vandalizing TV Tropes using tons of sockpuppets will not wear down their resolve to ignore his batshit insanity and do what he wants.

Further, it took me having to block this guy on my own wikis and very clearly explain the facts of life to him to make him realize how much I did not care for his shenanigans, and while he has mostly gotten the hint on any wiki under my purview and follows my rules (of which I try to be as fair as possible on), he still goes back to TV Tropes, vainly trying to force them to turn back the clock to get them to change their minds, let him back in, and undo their namespacing schema to something he prefers.

And this is where I directly address Nate himself:

Nate, get a life, drop this petty grudge against TV Tropes, and move on. You are repeatedly harassing a website where you are no longer welcome, foolishly thinking you can wear them down into doing things your way, and you been doing this stupidity for over two years now.

Accept being banished from TV Tropes like a man and quit causing them grief, act your age, and find something else to do instead of rage against a website that doesn't give a shit about you.

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